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This 10 week intensive program focused on individual skill development guarantees to make you better.  We blend and stack skating, stick handling, passing, checking and shooting into game transferable skills.


Customized Ninja Hockey Jersey & Helmet stickers

Skating - straight away speed, in tight turns, change of direction, transitions

Stick Handling - top hand dexterity, evasive moves, puck protection and shielding

Passing - giving/ receiving, forehand and backhand, sauce and change of angles

Shooting - accuracy, velocity, snap, backhand and wrist shot, one timers and deflections

Checking - Angling, body & stick positioning, take aways

Hockey IQ - Game like situations, mini games, tactical teaching, quick/decisive decisions

October to November 2022 - Schedule TBD

25 Hours of Development 

U11 & U13 

Arena - TBD


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